Caregiver Gets 5 Properties in Beijing After Taking Care of Old Man for 12 Years

Caregiver in China Who Took Care of Old Man for 12 Years Receives 5 Properties in Beijing

CAREGIVER – A carer in China got 5 properties in Beijing after taking care of an old man living on his own for 12 years.

While it is known to a lot of people that growing old alone may bring a different kind of loneliness, on the practical side, it might also be a huge challenge to take care of one’s self at an old age. This is what an old Chinese man named Ruan realized when he reached 81 years old.

Caregiver and Old Man
Photo: Baidu

The life story of Ruan resulted to several headlines after his caregiver, Liu, got 5 properties in Beijing after taking care of him for 12 years. They met after he realized that he’s having a hard time taking care of himself at 81 years old and the next years may bring a bigger challenge to him.

Ruan and Liu's Granddaughter
Photo: Baidu

Ruan has a younger female sibling but she rarely visits the old Chinese man. After he realized the struggle in taking care of himself at an old age, Ruan sought the help of the local village committee which recommended Liu to take care of him.

The old Chinese man and his caregiver agreed that he would take care of him until his death in exchange of a property in the village. Also part of their agreement was that the former maintains a high standard in living based on the rules of the village.

Liu also brought along his family at the house of Ruan. They also helped take care of the old Chinese man and they also became close to him. They celebrated occasions together. He cooked boiled egg and prepared milk for him every day.

In March 2023, the old man received compensation from the demolition of her 800-square-meter home in the village where he was residing. Based on an article on SCMP, he received five (5) properties in Beijing as compensation. After seven (7) years, he died.

The caregiver got the five (5) properties in Beijing given as compensation for the demolished residence of the old man he took care of for 12 years. The sister of the old man contested against it but the court sided the carer of the old man recognizing their agreement.

The people in the village also showed support to Liu who was dedicated in taking care of Ruan. The court also found out that his sister would rarely visit him.

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