Students Accused Of Stealing Tablets, Laptops & Assorted Groceries From Cebu School

Minors Accused of Stealing Tablets, Laptops & Assorted Groceries from an Elementary School in Cebu

CEBU SCHOOL – Four students were accused of stealing tablets, laptops, and some groceries from Cebu school.

The problem of theft among students is worrisome and can stem from a range of factors with diverse repercussions. This issue is intricate and influenced by social, economic, and psychological elements.

Dealing with theft among students demands a comprehensive strategy that includes education, intervention, and support. Schools can adopt preventive measures such as fostering a positive school environment, instilling moral principles, and facilitating the development of healthy peer interactions. Moreover, counseling services should be easily accessible to students grappling with underlying issues that may fuel their behavior.

Photo Source: ABS-CBN

Based on a report from ABS-CBN, four students reportedly illegally accessed the principal’s office at Cawayan Elementary School in Dalaguete, Cebu. Allegedly, they stole laptops, tablets, and a small quantity of groceries.

The school principal notified authorities on Tuesday morning about the theft of items from his office. The school caretaker noted that the front door of the office had been “forcibly opened,” as reported by PMaj. Kenneth Albotra, overseeing the Dalaguete police.

Authorities also observed that the wooden braces of the restroom adjacent to the principal’s office were missing. Upon inspection, it was discovered that 13 tablets featuring the Department of Education logo were missing, along with 3 blue laptops, 3 blue tablets, and assorted groceries.

Photo Source: Sunstar

The items, worth P143,000, were subsequently found abandoned in a shrubbery area. With the help of a barangay official, authorities recovered them hours later.

The suspected culprits, thought to be students of the school, were located successfully. They are all males, aged between 15 and 17.

As per the report, the Barangay Protection Security Officers positively recognized the students, asserting they spotted them near the school premises that morning.

Because they are minors, the students won’t be formally charged with a crime, but will instead be handled as children in conflict with the law for robbery. They will be accommodated in a residential care facility.

Albotra noted that the Department of Social Welfare and Development issued a certificate certifying that the minors possess the ability to differentiate between right and wrong.

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