Paolo Contis Reacts To Questions on Breakup Rumors w/ Yen Santos

Have Paolo Contis and Yen Santos Broken Up?

PAOLO CONTIS – The actor-comedian reacted to questions on the breakup rumors involving him and actress Yen Santos.

Speculations and rumors are among the constant things that most celebrities deal with most of the time. The actors and actresses have different ways of dealing with them most especially when they are cornered during press interviews.

Paolo Contis
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Recently, one of the celebrities who was interviewed by the press and asked about the rumors and speculations is Kapuso comedian Paolo Contis. There are ongoing rumors and speculations that Paolo and Yen Santos have broken up.

Paolo Contis and Yen Santos
Photo source: Inquirer

Yen and Paolo became close to each other when they worked together in the 2021 film A Faraway Land directed by Veronica Velasco. The Kapuso actor played the character of a reporter who went to Faroe Islands to interview Filipino women who married the locals in the foreign island.

Yen played the character of a Filipina who married a local in Faroe Islands. Countless people were impressed by the movie, the portrayal of the actors and actresses, and the story.

However, Paolo Contis and Yen Santos’ relationship which blossomed into a romantic relationship earned criticisms from a lot of people. The actress was even accused as the third party in the breakup of the Kapuso actor and actress LJ Reyes then. The former couple were living under the same roof then and has a daughter.

Paolo and LJ remained mum amid the issues then. There were several sightings of the two (2) celebrities but he debunked the speculations referring to her as a friend. It became the time when the phrase “with a friend” trended on social media.

After more than a year of speculations, Paolo Contis confirmed his relationship with Yen Santos in January 2023. There were several instances when the two (2) celebrities showed genuine support and love for each other in public posts even amid the criticisms of other people.

However, currently, there are speculations that the celebrity couple might have broken up. The rumors were triggered when Yen Santos deleted her birthday greeting for Paolo Contis and unfollowed the actor on social media. Recently, the actor was cornered by the press and was asked about the rumors.

Based on a report on Pep, at the red carpet premiere of his upcoming film Fuchsia Libre produced by Mavx Productions, Paolo Contis was asked if it is true that he and Yen Santos have broken up.

“No comment. Libre naman magtanong, pero yun ang sagot ko, no comment,” the Kapuso actor said.

According to Paolo, the people already know a lot about his life and he wants to keep some things about his personal life private. With regards to the actress unfollowing him on social media, here’s what he told the press:

“Dati pina-follow kita, pina-follow ko si Gorgy. Pero in-unfollow ko kayong lahat. Ang ibig sabihin ba, maghihiwalay na tayong lahat? he said.

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