Miss Philippines Earth 2024: Ex-beauty Queen Dismayed By Abrupt Removal As Pageant Judge

Former Beauty Queen Disappointed By Abrupt Removal As Miss Philippines Earth 2024 Judge

MISS PHILIPPINES EARTH 2024 – Former beauty queen Ana Monica Tan was disappointed at Miss Philippines Earth for sudden removal as judge.

Former beauty queen Ana Monica Tan called out the organizers of Miss Philippines Earth 2024 due to their “unprofessional treatment” of her when she was selected as one of the judges for the coronation night on May 11.

Tan, a licensed physician, was Miss Philippines – Air 2019. This pageant is the precursor to the current Miss Philippines Earth, one of the largest beauty pageants in the world. The local beauty contest was founded by Carousel Productions, the same organization behind the Miss Earth pageant. The company is run by former beauty queen-actress Lorraine Schuck, the wife of the company’s owner, Ramon Monzon.

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On Facebook, attorney Jeffrey Saclot, who claimed to be the spokesperson, handler, and legal counsel for Tan, expressed their disappointment when they found out that no explanation was given to them as to why Tan was removed from her role as a judge in the pageant. This was done with last-minute notice.

Saclot, who is also the Misamis Oriental Provincial Tourism Officer, claimed that Tan received a call from Vince Oclarit Aranas, who introduced himself as the “Miss Philippines Earth 2024 Coronation Night Director.” Aranas supposedly informed Tan that she had been chosen as one of the judges by the local organizers and that the official invite would be sent to her in April.

“Immediately following her communication with Dr. Tan, Mr. Aranas messaged me on FB messenger about the fact of Dr. Tan’s acceptance of the initial invitation,” said Saclot.

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Based on their exchange, Tan received the formal invitation on May 7, which she accepted. As a result, Tan cleared her schedule and arranged for services for her hair, makeup, and even her gown in preparation for the coronation night of the pageant.

“Upon receipt of the official invitation to judge, Dr. Tan blocked off her May 11, 2024 schedule in favor of the Miss Philippines Earth 2024 Coronation Night and started to carry out the necessary preparations for the said event, from contracting with the designer for the gown she is supposed to wear, engaging the services of her Hair and Makeup Artist to [request] for her excuse on May 11, 2024, from her duty as a Medical Doctor,” Saclot said.

However, Tan was informed by a “certain Andrew nga niclaim nga kabahin sa event’s production team” around 3 p.m. on May 10 — just one day before the coronation night — that she was no longer part of the judging panel “without any explanation on the reason, much less an apology.”

“Dr. Tan confided to me this extremely unpleasant experience of hers, opening up about her disgust on how unprofessional she was treated, which is tantamount to disrespect and clearly causing her serious emotional damage,” said Saclot.

“More than being her handler, spokesperson, and legal counsel, Dr. Ana Monica P. Tan is my family… It hurts us to receive any unfair treatment, including this recent one from the Miss Philippines Earth pageant,” he added.

He further mentioned a previous exchange with Carousel Productions vice president Peachy Veneracion. Saclot accused the company of “trying to convince [them]” that what happened was merely a “miscommunication.”

“It was only after my confrontation with Miss Peachy Veneracion that some people from the organizing committee apologized to the point of trying to convince us there was “miscommunication” and to get her back as a judge…”

“We are sharing this for the awareness of all concerned that in whatever situation, we should act with respect and professionalism.”

However, Tan clarified that she has not yet decided whether to pursue legal action against the organizers.

Meanwhile, Carousel Productions has not yet addressed the allegations, as of press time.

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