Grace Poe Urges Preservation Of Filipino Jeepney Design Amid Modernization Efforts

Grace Poe Calls For Preservation of Filipino Jeepney Design

GRACE POE – Senator Grace Poe urged preserving the Pinoy jeepney design amid the government’s modernization efforts.

Senator Grace Poe emphasized the importance of preserving the iconic Filipino identity represented by traditional jeepney designs amid the government’s efforts to modernize public transportation.

“Let us allow our iconic jeepney designs to be used as long as they can keep up with the safety requirements … you can tweak the designs of these jeepneys to make it safer and more convenient for the public,” the senator said in a radio interview.

Photo Source: Financial Times

Grace Poe proposed that while adhering to safety standards, there exists an opportunity to refine jeepney designs to bolster safety and convenience for the public. In a radio interview, Poe advocated for the continued use of iconic jeepney designs as long as they meet safety requirements.

The politician highlighted the potential contribution of preserving traditional designs to the nation’s tourism endeavors, citing the global recognition of Filipino jeepneys.

Photo Source: Economist

According to the report, Grace Poe suggested involving artists as consultants to assist drivers in adhering to standard designs, emphasizing the cultural promotion aspect akin to other countries’ vehicles. Drawing parallels to Bangkok’s “tuk tuk” and the UK’s double-decker buses, she emphasized the character and tourism value inherent in unique transportation modes.

“If they really want to help promote our cultural development, we can get the help of artists as consultants. They can help our drivers with the standard designs,” the senator said, noting that other countries’ public transportation vehicles feature their nations’ cultural trademarks.

“When you go to Bangkok, they have the ‘tuk tuk’; in United Kingdom they have the double-decker buses. Their transport vehicles really have character and value to tourism because of their uniqueness. Same with our own jeepneys, which has a long history dating back to World War II, that’s why they’re also very popular,” she said.

 Criticizing the proposed modern jeepney design, Poe characterized it as “ugly and lacks character.”

“Aren’t they ugly? They look like boxes I couldn’t understand. It lacks character. The designs do not have soul,” Poe said.

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