Eva Darren Invited To Be Presenter at FAMAS but Not Called at the Event?

Post of Son of Eva Darren Goes Viral on Social Media

Eva Darren’s son claimed that the veteran actress was invited to be a presenter at FAMAS but she was not called at the event and was not able to go upstage.

The Filipino Academy of Movie Arts and Sciences Awards or more popularly called FAMAS Awards is one of the prestigious film award-giving bodies in the Philippine entertainment industry. The awarding event happens every year and it gives recognitions to best actor, best actress, best cinematography, etc.

Recently, the film award-giving body held the FAMAS 2024 Awards at The Manila Hotel. However, amid the joyous celebration, a veteran actress and her grandchildren who came at the event were hurt.

Eva Darren
Photo from Facebook/Fernando de la Pena

In a social media post, Dr. Fernando de la Pena, the son of veteran actress Eva Darren who is also a FAMAS awardee, stated that the veteran actress was invited to be a presenter at FAMAS. Despite her mom not usually attending social events, she made an exception for the event of the film award-giving body. Instead, she prepared for it.

Veteran Actress Eva Darren
Photo Credit: GMA Network

The son of Eva Darren further stated that the veteran actress “bought the best dress and pair of heels she could afford”. She also got a hair and make up package for the gala. The veteran actress brought along with her three (3) of her grandchildren so they can witness her upstage. They paid Php 5,000 per plate.

However, at the event, the veteran actress who memorized the script sent to her by FAMAS was never called. A young singer accompanies Mr. Tirso Cruz III instead in presenting the awards.

“The PR officer of FAMAS who had been in constant communication with my mother prior to the event had absolutely no explanations to offer, just a thousand apologies,” Dr. de la Pena wrote.

The event ended without Eva Darren going upstage and her grandchildren witnessing it. The veteran actress said “it’s okay” and just decided to leave the event. The son of the veteran actress stressed that what happened was rude, disrespectful, unethical, and unprofessional “to say the very least”.

According to the doctor, he was thinking about filing a case against FAMAS for what happened to his mother but his sister told him to leave it in the hands of God. The young singer who replaced Eva Darren as presenter spoke up.

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