Alden Richards, Kathryn Bernardo To Do “Hello, Love, Goodbye” Sequel — Here’s Release Date of Movie…

Confirmed! Alden Richards & Kathryn Bernardo To Reunite for Hello, Love, Goodbye Sequel

Alden Richards and Kathryn Bernardo are set to do the movie “Hello, Love, Again.” which is a sequel of “Hello, Love, Goodbye”.

Countless Filipinos have long waited for the sequel of Hello, Love, Goodbye which was a blockbuster hit in 2019. It was the highest-grossing film until January 2024 when Rewind made an overtake with regards to the gross income.

Hello, Love, Goodbye

Hello, Love, Goodbye was starred by Alden Richards and Kathryn Bernardo who were coming from rival networks. Prior to its release, a lot of people were really curious as to the chemistry of the two (2) celebrities considering that both of them are from two (2) of the most popular loveteams in the showbiz industry.

Alden Richards, Kathryn Bernardo Hello Love Goodbye

Meanwhile, HLG was a huge success. It also gave birth to KathDen — the name that fans and supporters usually call for the on-screen pairing of Kathryn and Alden. They played the character of Ethan and Joy who are overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) in Hong Kong.

Ethan was already living in Hong Kong with his family. He was working as a bartender. Joy is a nurse who wants to apply for work in Canada. She went to Hong Kong to work as a domestic helper, save money, and use it as a stepping stone to achieve her dream.

Hello, Love, Goodbye ended with Ethan letting go of Joy so she can fulfill her dreams as he works on himself to become the man who is worthy of her. It left a lot of questions on the viewers on whether it was the end for their love story or crossed paths again. Even Alden Richards was hopeful for the sequel of Hello, Love, Goodbye.

Recently, the long wait has been put to its end when GMA Network announced that Hello, Love, Goodbye will be having a sequel. The Alden Richards and Kathryn Bernardo reunion movie will be entitled Hello, Love, Again. It is set to be directed still by blockbuster filmmaker Cathy Garcia-Sampana.

The target release date of Hello, Love, Again. is on November 13, 2024. Here’s the post announcement on Instagram that left countless hearts happy and excited to see the Box Office King and Queen of 2024 share the big screen again.

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