What’s Maricel Soriano’s Biggest Regret?

Maricel Soriano Shares Biggest Regret

MARICEL SORIANO – Filipina actress and TV personality Maria Cecilia “Maricel” Dador Soriano disclosed her biggest regret.

Maricel Soriano shared her greatest remorse for not devoting adequate time to her two sons, Marion and Tien, during their formative years. Maricel, who embarked on her acting career at the young age of 6, remains as active as ever at 59.

Recent highlights of her work include starring in the film “In His Mother’s Eyes,” directed by FM Reyes, and appearing in the television series “Linlang.”

Recalling a touching moment shared with her sons, Maricel remembered a sincere conversation in which she asked for their forgiveness for her past mistakes. Feeling overwhelmed by their empathy and affection, she was rendered speechless, recognizing the deep influence her children have on her.

“Once, the three of us went on a date. I said sorry to them. I told them, ‘I hope you can still find it in your heart to forgive Mama. They said, ‘No need to apologize, Mama. We understand you. We love you. We forgive you,” Maricel said.

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Maricel observed her sons’ characters, highlighting her eldest’s decisiveness and her younger child’s tendency to be nurturing and attentive to her welfare. Appreciative of their presence, she values each of their distinct attributes.

“My eldest is very firm in making decisions. When he doesn’t want to do something, no one can sway him into doing it. The other one is quite clingy. He always observes what I’m doing and makes me promise to always take care of my health. He would say, ‘I’m here to guard you, Mama.’ I’m grateful to them.”

Admitting to potentially indulging her children excessively in the past, Maricel stands by her choice without regret. Despite moments where her attention may have been divided among other family members, she now unequivocally prioritizes her sons, affirming her unwavering dedication to them, even willing to sacrifice her own life.

“I guess it’s true what people said about me—that I had spoiled my kids too much. I never regretted doing that. My sons waited for me for a long time. There was even a point when I prioritized my family—my mother and siblings—over them. Now, it’s their turn. My time now is only for them,” she declared. “What would I readily give up for them? My own life.”

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