VIDEO: Pia Wurtzbach Prohibited From Answering Question Regarding Heart Evangelista

Pia Wurtzbach Stopped From Responding To Question Concerning Heart Evangelista

PIA WURTZBACH – Beauty queen and actress Pia Wurtzbach was prohibited from answering questions regarding fashion icon Heart Evangelista.

Two Filipina women are achieving remarkable success in the international fashion industry: Miss Universe 2015 Pia Wurtzbach and actress-socialite Heart Evangelista. Their prominence was particularly evident during Milan Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2024, where they stood out as two of the most influential personalities, as evidenced by their Media Impact Values (MIV).

Pia claimed the second spot on the celebrity list, accumulating an impressive $5.4 million (approximately Php 303.5 million), while Heart closely followed in third place with an MIV of $3.6 million (around Php 202.3 million).

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An influencer marketing platform affiliated with The Independents Group acknowledged Pia Wurtzbach as one of the “Most Visible Influencers,” ranking her sixth on the list. However, online discussions suggest underlying tension between the two.

The apparent discord arose when Pia enlisted Heart’s former glam team for her fashion events, sparking rumors of betrayal amidst reports of a rift between Heart and her previous team.

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During a recent interview with Pia Wurtzbach following her involvement in L’Oreal Paris’ “Sayang? No, I’m worth it” campaign launch in Manila, where she served as one of the endorsers, attempted to broach the subject of her purported rivalry with Heart Evangelista. However, Pia’s representatives intervened, prohibiting any questions regarding Heart.

Watch the video below:

Despite this restriction, Pia opted to remain silent and simply smiled when the inquiry was blocked. During her address at the event, Pia subtly addressed the criticisms directed at her, alluding to her evolving role as a fashion influencer amidst suggestions that she should confine herself to being a beauty queen.

“May mga bago na naman akong naririnig, ‘Hindi ka bagay d’yan. Beauty queen ka lang. Stay in your lane. Sayang ka,” Pia said.

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