Liza Marcos Confirms They Will Not Use Their Power Against Critics

Liza Marcos Affirms They Will Not Use Power Against Critics

LIZA MARCOS – President Bongbogn Marcos’ wife Liza Araneta-Marcos said they will not use their power against critics.

In an interview, First Lady Liza Araneta-Marcos revealed that President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. and their family have opted not to retaliate against their critics, acknowledging that using power against political opponents would impede the nation’s progress.

Liza underscored her husband’s belief that the cycle of hostility and retribution must cease, expressing this sentiment during an hour-long exclusive discussion with broadcaster Anthony Taberna on his YouTube channel.

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Liza Marcos challenged their critics to confront them but asserted that she would not lower herself to their level. Playfully referring to herself as the “Fierce Lady,” she suggested that those opposing them would face repercussions as karma catches up with them.

Despite facing organized attempts to undermine them, Liza affirmed that her family would refrain from using their influence to silence critics on social media. She emphasized the importance of establishing boundaries, highlighting that such actions contradict Filipino values.

“Ito na lang ha. If you’re the President of the Philippines and I am the Fierce Lady, Fierce ha, sa palagay mo hindi ko kayang gawin ’yan? … But it has to stop. This cannot be. Hindi ganun ’yung Pinoy,” Liza said.

She went on: “Let them do their thing. Sa palagay mo ba hindi namin kaya gawin ’yan? You’re the President of the country.”

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Directly addressing the issue, Liza Marcos stressed that despite their positions of authority, they choose not to respond aggressively. She dismissed the idea of pursuing legal action against those who criticize them, viewing it as counterproductive to the nation’s development.

Reflecting on her husband’s approach, Liza noted that Marcos Jr. never spoke ill of others or pursued legal action against his detractors. She emphasized the necessity of breaking the cycle of hostility for societal advancement.

The conversation stemmed from inquiries about her relationship with Vice President Sara Duterte, which resulted in tensions and attacks involving Duterte’s daughter and her husband’s predecessor, former President Rodrigo Duterte.

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