Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing Post Not Aimed at ‘Ate’ Bea Alonzo Says Lhean Roque

Lhean Roque Clarifies ‘Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing’ Post Not Aimed at ‘Ate’ Bea Alonzo

BEA ALONZO – Dominic Roque’s brother Lhean Roque clarified that his ‘Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing’ post was not about his ate Bea Alonzo.

Lhean Roque, brother of Dominic Roque, clarified that his recent cryptic social media post about a “wolf in sheep’s clothing” was not directed towards the actor’s former girlfriend, Bea Alonzo, or anyone closely connected to her.

On February 6, Lhean garnered public attention by sharing an Instagram Story featuring an illustration of a sheep disguised as a wolf, coincidentally posted on the same day news of Dominic and Bea’s breakup emerged during an episode of “Fast Talk with Boy Abunda.”

Bea Alonzo Dominic Roque
Photo: Dominic Roque / Instagram

Nevertheless, Lhean stressed that the cryptic message was related to a “work-related issue” and not Bea Alonzo, as he elaborated in a subsequent Story the following day.

In his clarification, Lhean stated, “Hello, everyone. I just want to clear up the story I posted recently. It wasn’t about Ate Bea or anyone close to her. It was work-related and I didn’t think that it would be taken out of context.”

Additionally, Lhean noted his tendency to share “random stuff” on social media and expressed surprise at the significant interest sparked by this particular post. “Because I usually post random stuff and no one bats an eye,” he said. “I hope this explains it, and this should be the last post I’ll do about the issue.”

IG Story
Photo Source: @lheanroque IG

Regarding Dominic and Bea, neither of them has commented on the cryptic post or their reported separation via their respective social media platforms.

Various figures in the entertainment industry, including Ogie Diaz and Boy Abunda, have reported the breakup between Alonzo and Roque, citing trustworthy but unnamed sources.

During his talk show, Abunda also mentioned that Bea returned her engagement ring to Dom, despite their efforts to reconcile and “work things out.”

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