KC Concepcion Tells Sharon Cuneta To “Wake Up,” Here’s Why

KC Concepcion Tells Sharon Cuneta To “wake up” After Shawie Posted About “sweet, glorious sleep”

KC CONCEPCION – Pinay actress and businesswoman KC Concepcion told her mom Megastar Sharon Cuneta to wake up.

Since the day KC Concepcion was born, her life has been under constant public scrutiny due to being the child of two highly acclaimed personalities in the Philippine showbiz scene. Many fans of the entertainment industry are aware that KC enjoys an active lifestyle both in front of the camera and in her private life.

The dynamics of her relationship with her mother have been quite eventful, with numerous rumored conflicts discussed within showbiz circles and online communities. Despite the negative speculations surrounding their connection, it’s undeniable that KC Concepcion and Sharon Cuneta share a profound and steadfast love, ensuring a strong family bond.

Sharon Cuneta KC Concepcion Gabby Concepcion
Photo: Sharon Cuneta / Instagram

Last year, KC experienced immense joy witnessing her parents, Sharon and Gabby, sharing the stage in the successful “Dear Hearts” concert. This reunion brought happiness to ShaGab fans, who were thrilled to see their favorite idols performing together. KC found a sense of fulfillment in this delightful family moment.

Photo Source: Philippine Star

Recently, KC playfully commented on her mother’s Instagram post where Sharon expressed her love for the blissful act of sleeping and the joy of having pleasant dreams. In response, KC jokingly urged her mom to wake up with a playful comment, saying, “Mom, WAKE UP.” Sharon’s post revolved around her musings on the pleasures of sleep and the bittersweet feeling of not wanting to wake up from a particularly delightful dream.

“I don’t think it’s weird to say my favorite thing has always been sleep. Sweet, glorious sleep that lets you escape. Sometimes, it even lets you dream veeeery nice dreams and you wake up happy but also wishing you didn’t have to wake up!”

Photo Source: @reallysharoncuneta IG

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