VIDEO: James Reid & Issa Pressman’s Artistic Portrait Project

James Reid and Issa Pressman Create Portrait Masterpiece Together

JAMES REID – Celebrity couple James Reid and Issa Pressman collaborate on a portrait masterpiece.

Controversy surrounded James and Issa’s relationship, fueled in part by Issa’s friendship with actress Nadine Lustre, James’s ex-girlfriend. Despite facing negative reactions, the couple remained focused on their relationship, finding support from both friends and fans.

Rumors of a breakup between James Reid and Issa circulated online when eagle-eyed netizens observed they had unfollowed each other on social media. Presently, their social media activity hints at potential relationship challenges.

Photo Source: @james IG

In response to the viral rumors, James Reid clarified in a recent interview that the online stories were baseless. The Instagram unfollowing was attributed to a technical glitch: James accidentally unfollowed Issa while experimenting with a feature related to blocking and unblocking. This oversight became a topic of online discussion.

James expressed astonishment at how online users notice even the smallest details, such as a decrease in his follower count. Dismissing the breakup rumors, he reassured everyone, stating, “Everything’s been going on really well.”

Photo Source: @james IG

Adding a heartwarming touch to the story, Issa Pressman delighted her Instagram followers with a video capturing a special moment between her and James. The video showcases the couple engaging in a collaborative painting project.

Accompanying the Instagram post, Issa wrote, “Between us, 2024.” The video shows the couple creating a painting featuring their faces, inspired by a photo they took facing each other.

The video has attracted the attention of netizens who appreciate the artistic collaboration between the couple. As of the latest update, it has already garnered over 12,000 likes on Instagram.

Watch the video below:

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