Sharon Cuneta To Celebrate Her 58th Birthday Abroad With Her Family

SHARON CUNETA – The Megastar shared that she and her family will be flying abroad to celebrate her upcoming birthday.

In a livestream video on her Instagram account, she said that they’ll depart for an Asian trip on Tuesday night and they will be back on January 10, 2023. She also said that her social media accounts will be undergoing an overhaul this year as she approaches her birthday on January 6, 2023.

I will not be here for my birthday, we are leaving tomorrow very very very late in the evening and I will be back on maybe the 10th. We will go abroad in Asia and there will be a lot of changes in my social media accounts so look forward to that,” Sharon Cuneta said.

Sharon Cuneta Reveals She and Kiko Pangilinan Briefly Separated

Sharon Cuneta: “Nag-away kami, naghiwalay kami tapos nagbati na kami, so okay na kami”

SHARON CUNETA – The Megastar revealed that she and her husband, former senator Kiko Pangilinan, separated briefly over a misunderstanding.

The veteran actress opened up about their marriage as she, her husband, and their children Frankie, Miel, and Miguel went live through her Instagram account on New Year’s Eve to greet everyone a Happy New Year.

She also expressed her gratitude to her fans who are still not giving up on supporting her.

Sharon Cuneta

In a video, the Megastar shared that she and her family welcomed the New Year at Marriott Hotel because she became part of the New Year Great Countdown at the Newport World Resorts Grand Ballroom from December 31, 2023 to January 1, 2024.

Happy New Year, everybody. I’m with my family. We’re fine and we love you,” she said, who is also making mention of her eldest daughter KC Concepcion, who is currently in the United States.

Her husband Kiko and her daughter Frankie also greeted KC and said, “We love you, ate!”

Sharon then addressed the speculations that arose from her previous posts on social media and also lamented why “some people have to be so mean” over it. According to her, they “fix some things” and become happy after sadness.

Kiko, for his part, said that all families and couples have misunderstandings. But before he could finish his statement, his wife said that they argued, broke up, reconciled, so we’re now okay.

Speculations of their marriage being on the rocks surfaced earlier after the veteran actress made cryptic posts on her social media account – including a family photo where Kiko Pangilinan’s head seemingly “cut off”.

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