Schedule of CSC Exam 2024 — A Complete Guide for Aspiring Takers of Civil Service Test

Check Here the Schedule of CSC Exam 2024 Including the Application, Test Dates

SCHEDULE OF CSC EXAM 2024 – Here is a complete guide for the aspiring takers of the Civil Service exam with regards to the exam application dates.

In the Philippines, there are several entities that administer examinations to give distinction to the passers that could help them in the practice of a profession or in acquiring a position. One of these exam providers is the Civil Service Commission or CSC.

Schedule of CSC Exam 2024
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The Civil Service Commission administers one of the most popular examinations in the Philippines — the Career Service Examination Paper and Pencil Test or the CSE-PPT. It is administered every year and it usually gathers thousands of takers from different regions in the country.

CSC Exam
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The Civil Service Commission administers the CSE-PPT in two (2) levels such as the professional and subprofessional levels. Having passed the Civil Service exam can boost the chances of a person in the pursuit of obtaing a regular position in government offices.

Annually, the CSC often administers the Career Service Examination Paper and Pencil Test (CSE-PPT) at least twice in different dates that are months apart.

If you aspire to take the CSE-PPT, it is best to monitor the schedule of CSE exam as the Civil Service Commission strictly observes the application period set for each test it administers. By knowing the application period, you can prepare the Civil Service requirements ahead of time.

For this 2024, here is the schedule of CSC Exam:

Date of Examination Title of ExaminationIssuance Date of Exam Announcement
(via CSC Website)
Application Period Target Release Date of Test Results 
 28 Jan 2024 CSE-FSO c/o DFA-BFSE18 Sep 2023 20 Oct 2023
DFA3 Satellite and
Consular Offices; DFA
Foreign Service Posts)
 10 Mar 2024
 03 Mar 2024CSE Professional and SubProfessional level* 30 Oct 202320 Nov 2023 03 Jan 2024 12 May 2024
 02 June 2024 FOE / POE / BCLTE 12 Feb 202404 Mar 2024 03 Apr 2024 14 July 2024
 11 Aug 2024 CSE Professional and SubProfessional levels 22 Apr 202413 May 2024 13 June 2024 20 Oct 2024

However, even after having known the schedule, it s best to monitor the updates from the Civil Service Commission still. Most often, the CSC releases individual announcements for the takers of each exam three (3) weeks prior to the start of every application period for an exam.

Here are the usual information released by the CSC a few weeks prior to the application period:

  1. Scope of examination
  2. Passing grade
  3. Testing centers
  4. Qualification/Admission requirements
  5. Application/Documentary requirements
  6. Where to get the application form and how to file the application
  7. Target release of test results
  8. Resulting civil service eligibility

Wish you the best of luck, aspiring takers!

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