GStocks PH — What Are The Features Of ABCSI’s Online Trading Platform?

Here’s what you need to know about the features of GStocks PH

GSTOCKS PH – This article will teach you about the features of the online trading platform of AB Capital Securities, Inc. (ABCSI).

The online trading platform of ABCSI that is made accessible through the GCash app is GStocks PH. It lets investors buy, sell, and manage their securities in companies that are listed on PSE (Philippine Stock Exchange) with no monthly or annual fees.

But what are the features of ABCSI’s online trading platform?

GStocks PH — What Are The Features Of ABCSI's Online Trading Platform

Below are the features of ABCSI’s online trading platform:

ABCSI’s online trading platform provides GCash users with an in-app stock trading experience that is complete with a 24×7 portfolio access, direct research reports, stock watchlists, and direct order entry and modification.

As a GStocks PH user through ABCSI’s online trading facility, you are able to access information such as real-time quotes, bid and ask column, intraday charts, company disclosures, stock price alerts, and Philippine Stock Exchange news.

Keep in mind that only eligible users can create an account on ABCSI’s online trading platform that is made accessible through the GCash app. Also, eligible users can only open an individual account for their GCash number.

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Eligible users can create either a basic account or a full account. The differences between a basic account and a full account is that a basic account has a maximum top-up limit of PHP 50,000, while the full account has no top-up limit.

If you’re not able to register to ABCSI’s online trading platform, you need to ensure that you fulfill all of the requirements to become eligible and you also need to check the Help Center if GCash’s partner provider has ongoing service maintenance or downtime.

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