Sharon Cuneta Opens Up About Struggles With Romantic Relationships

Sharon Cuneta spoke about her first and second marriage

SHARON CUNETA – The veteran actress recently opened up about her struggles with romantic relationships.

The Megastar appeared in the latest episode of “Luis Listens” on Luis Manzano’s YouTube channel where she talked about her first marriage with her ex-husband Gabby Concepcion and her second marriage with former senator Kiko Pangilinan.

In an interview, she shared that she’s very grateful for all the things she has been blessed but the only thing God didn’t grant in her life was a stable marriage.

Sharon Cuneta

Sharon told Luis that all she wanted when she was young was to get married, have children, and take care of her husband and children.

I’m very grateful for all the things I’ve been blessed with, but you know what’s funny, Lord, ‘wag po kayo magagalit sakin, ikkwento ko lang. Isa lang ‘yung dinasal ko na lahat binigay sakin pwera ‘yon,” she said.

The veteran actress weighed in on her first marriage, noting that despite having a chance to do it the second time around, it remained a struggle given how different she and her husband are when it comes to their views on life.

She explained that her husband is a politician and she hates politics, adding that their direction is different but they managed to make it work.

The Megastar reflected that the reason why her second marriage is still managing to remain afloat is because of their children. However, she shared that whatever happens behind closed doors is what people don’t always understand and see.

Sharon had a recent reunion concert with Gabby, which she reminded her fans that it was only for the concert and there’s a reason they wouldn’t make it today as they did in the past.

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