Requirements for GSIS Enhanced Emergency Loan Application

Guide on the Requirements for GSIS Enhanced Emergency Loan Application Process

REQUIREMENTS FOR GSIS ENHANCED EMERGENCY LOAN – Here is the eligibility criteria set by GSIS in applying for the loan offer.

If you are a member of the Government Service Insurance System, more popularly called GSIS, you have a government agency that you can turn to for a loan when a calamity struck your residence area or workplace area. It is because the state-run social insurance institution offers the GSIS Enhanced Emergency Loan.

Requirements GSIS Enhanced Emergency Loan
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The GSIS Enhanced Emergency Loan is under the Emergency Loan Program of the state-run social insurance agency which is part of its societal mission to help its members in times of natural disasters. The loan offer is one of the many loans offered by the state-run social insurance entity which also includes the GSIS Enhanced Conso-Loan Plus 2023.

Under the loan offer, the Government Service Insurance System has set an eligibility criteria. Here are the eligibility requirements for GSIS Enhanced Emergency Loan application that the member-borrower must meet:

  • resides or works in a calamity-declared area
  • in active service
  • not on a leave of absence without pay
  • has no arrears in the payment of the mandatory social insurance contributions
  • no default loan
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After the application for the GSIS Enhanced Emergency Loan offer, the AAO certification is required through the GEOS or the GSIS Electronic Online System to confirm that the member:

  • is still in active service
  • has no pending criminal or administrative case prior to the processing of the application
  • not on a leave of absence without pay
  • monthly amortization will be deducted by the employer from the salary of the member-borrower and remitted to the government social insurance institution within the 10th of the month following the first due date

In case the member-borrower was separated from service, the employer will obtain a clearance from the Government Service Insurance System (GSIS) before any document or final payment will be released.

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