Maya Stocks — What Are Stocks and How Stock Market Works?

Here’s what you need to know about stocks and stock market on Maya Stocks

MAYA STOCKS – This article will teach you about the things you need to know about stocks and stock market.

The fintech company has introduced its new investment product that lets you trade stocks or shares of companies listed in PSE (Philippine Stock Exchange) with the help of a stockbroker who is licensed by SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission).

But what are stocks and how does the stock market works?

Maya Stocks — What Are Stocks and How Stock Market Works

Stocks and Shareholders

Stocks represent a share of ownership of a company and shareholders are the owners of a company’s stocks.

Shareholders are entitled to vote on company matters and also receive a portion of the company’s earnings. Companies that are listed in the Philippine Stock Exchange (PSE) are available to invest in the Maya Stocks Marketplace.

Your money can also be earned from stocks through capital appreciation and dividends.

According to Maya, shareholders earn through capital appreciation by selling their shares at a higher price compared to how much the shares were originally bought for. The fintech company also said that dividends may come in the form of stocks or cash and companies declare dividends as a share of earnings to its investors.

Stock Market and How It Works

A stock market is a collection of individuals and companies where sellers and buyers of stocks meet to trade shares of listed companies. The Philippine Stock Exchange is composed of licensed institutions that are allowed to market shares of companies that are listed in the PSE.

You can buy and sell stocks on Maya’s investment product and there are corresponding fees for using this product: Broker Fees and Platform Fees.

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