Kim Chiu Reveals Reason Why Creating Own Christmas Tree Is Yearly Tradition For Her

KIM CHIU – The content creator revealed the reason why creating her own Christmas tree is a yearly tradition for her.

In a vlog titled “My First Upside Down (Inverted) Christmas Tree 2023” on her YouTube channel, the Kapamilya actress said that she doesn’t have a Christmas tree when she was a child and she dreamed of having one at home one day.

Kim Chiu added that the Christmas tree in her house reminds her to be happy despite of her difficulties in life.

Kim Chiu On Her Inverted Christmas Tree: “First time talaga ito!”

Kim Chiu talks about inverted Christmas tree

KIM CHIU – The “Linlang” actress and content creator recently talked about her inverted white Christmas tree.

The content creator released a vlog on her YouTube channel where she can be seen decorating the upside down white Christmas tree with bright lights and colorful decorations such as lollipops and candy canes.

As seen in the description of her vlog, she shared that it’s her first time decorating an inverted Christmas tree and she’s happy to see the final result.

Kim Chiu Christmas tree

Kim started her vlog by telling her viewers that she recorded her vlog about making a Christmas tree on a “slow mo” mode at that time and she decided to make a review of her vlog instead.

In the video, she said that she wants her Christmas tree to be “kinda sweet and light and vibe” this year to make it look different and something new.

“Naisipan ko talaga gawing iba ‘yung concept ko for my Christmas tree this year,” she shared. “Di ko alam kung bakit gusto ko ng inverted, gusto ko ng color white, gusto ko ng candy-candy. Sobrang kakaiba sa lahat ng mga Christmas tree na ginawa ko.

The actress went on to share how special Christmas tree is to her, saying that she doesn’t have a Christmas tree when she was a child and she dreamed of having one at home one day.

Kim also said that she decided to make a Christmas tree as a yearly tradition, adding that it’s really nice to see a Christmas tree because it somehow reminds her to be happy despite her difficulties in life.

Fans of the actress were quick to put meaning to her efforts and connect it to rumors about her and her boyfriend Xian Lim’s supposed breakup.

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