Bea Borres Shares How She Protects Andrea Brillantes From Bashers

Bea Borres: “Alam yan ng mga brilliants at alam yan ng Twitter na grabe talaga kung iprotekta si Blythe. As in priprotektahan ko talaga siya.”

BEA BORRES – The actress-turned-content creator recently shared how she protected her best friend, actress Andrea Brillantes, from bashers.

Andrea and Bea, who are both content creators, have been best of friends for several years already after working on the hit Kapamilya teleserye “Kadenang Ginto”.

In an interview with PUSH, Bea said that she’s the type of person who will defend her friends no matter what. She even revealed that she will find ways in order to protect the people that are dear to her.

Bea Borres
Photo: Bea Borres / Instagram

According to her, she’s at a point in her life where she’ll be pushing back against bashers as she realized that since they’ll never be satisfied with any response, she might face them head on as well.

Bea went on to share that she’s the type of friend who will defend Andrea even though actress isn’t with her. The content creator even recalled a time when she was filming for an undisclosed show when she defended Andrea and her choices.

Kunyari, kahit sa personal, prinroprotektahan ko talaga naalala ko one time nag taping ako tapos tinopic nila si Blythe na ang bata bata pa daw pero she doesn’t act her age. Sinasabi ko talaga, ‘Excuse me? It’s not her fault society perceives her that way.’ Ginanun ko talaga,” she recalled.

In the same interview, Bea said she described herself as a “patolera”. The content creator also said that she’s confident whenever she answers different criticisms on social media that involves her or her best friend.

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