BAR Exam Result Livestream — Where To Watch The Bar Exam Result?

BAR EXAM RESULT LIVESTREAM – This article will inform you on where you can watch the Bar Exam Result 2023.

Below are the links and QR codes to the official livestream of the Supreme Court, as indicated in a notice released by the Supreme Court Public Information Office:

BAR Exam Result September 2023

BAR EXAM RESULT SEPTEMBER 2023 – Today is the target release date of BAR Exam Result September 2023, according to the Supreme Court of the Philippines.

The Supreme Court of the Philippines (SC) conducted the 2023 BAR exam at 14 local testing centers in the Philippines – 6 testing centers in Metro Manila, 3 testing centers in Luzon, 3 testing centers in Visayas, and 2 testing centers in Mindanao – on September 17, 20, and 24, 2023.

BAR chairperson and Associate Justice Ramon Paul Hernando headed the 2023 BAR exam.



The Supreme Court conducted the BAR exam through Examplify – a secure examination delivery program in which BAR examinees will use their devices in their preferred venue, monitored by in-person proctors and closed-circuit television (CCTV) cameras in examination rooms.

BAR exam covered the following topics:

  • Remedial Law, Legal and Judicial Ethics with Practical Exercises (25%)
  • Commercial and Taxation Laws (20%)
  • Civil Law (20%)
  • Political and Public International Law (15%)
  • Labor Law and Social Legislation (10%)
  • Criminal Law (10%)


BAR Chairperson and Associate Justice Hernando said that the BAR Exam Result September 2023 will be released before December 25, 2023.

The Supreme Court is conducting a special en banc session to decode the BAR exam result before officially posting it. This is the process of opening the sealed envelopes with the names of BAR passers. After posting the BAR exam result, the Supreme Court will announce the oath-taking of the new lawyers.

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