Yeng Constantino Says She Wants To ‘Re-Lyric’ Some Of Her Songs Because Of This Reason

Yeng Constantino: “Alam mo ‘yung parang ang bata-bata mo pa nu’ng sinulat mo ‘yon kaya parang gusto mong i-update lang ng konti”

YENG CONSTANTINO – The singer-songwriter shared the reason why she wanted to “re-lyric” some of her hit songs.

The singer-songwriter said during her guesting in “Magandang Buhay” that she wanted the new generation to get to know about her songs. According to her, she’s happy when her fans found out the news that she already have the catalog.

At one point, she revealed that her fans wanted her to make a new version or to “re-lyric” some of her songs.

Yeng Constantino
Photo: Yeng Constantino / Instagram

The singer-songwriter also admitted that sometimes the lyrics in some of her songs make her cringe that she wanted to “re-lyric” it so that it would be appropriate for her age when she sang those songs.

Alam mo ‘yung parang ang bata-bata mo pa nu’ng sinulat mo ‘yon kaya parang gusto mong i-update lang ng konti kasi very childish pa ‘yung point of view mo,” Yeng said. “Mayroon akong mga ganun na gustong ire-lyric para appropriate naman sa age ko kapag kinanta ko siya,

Yeng recently released her album “Reimagined”. Her album features her re-recording of hit songs “Lapit” and “Salamat”.

It can be recalled that shared about the story as to how she acquired her catalog from her former record label, Star Music.

The singer-songwriter said in an interview with the media last August 25 that she’s thankful that Star Music understood where she was coming from, particularly why she wanted to own her songs. At that time, she revealed that she wants to use this opportunity to earn passive income when she retires from singing in the future.

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