Pooh and Donita Nose Share How Much They Prioritize Their Families

Pooh and Donita Nose appeared on Thursday’s episode of “Fast Talk with Boy Abunda”

POOH AND DONITA NOSE – The comedians recently shared how much they prioritize their families.

The comedians appeared on Thursday’s episode of “Fast Talk with Boy Abunda” where they talked about their families.

Pooh said in an interview with talk show host Boy Abunda that his siblings were able to finish their studies because of him. The comedian also said that he will give whatever he can give for his family.

Pooh and Donita Nose

Donita agreed and said in an interview with the King of Talk that gays like them usually prioritize their family first before prioritizing their partner or other people.

Parang usually, kami naman mga bading, mas una naman talaga usually family bago minsan ang boyfriend o ibang tao, ganun,” Donita said. “Kasi mas gusto namin nakikita na kung masaya kami, dapat mas masaya sila. Kung ano ‘yung kinakain ko, dapat mas more than pa ‘yung kaya kong ibigay sa kanila.

In the same interview, Pooh said that he has given a lot – including an expensive watch and an expensive car – because he loves the person.

According to Donita, there’s no measurement in what a person gives when he/she truly loves someone, adding that he/she can give whatever is in his/her heart as long as it brings happiness to the person he/she loves.

Donita also said that he doesn’t want dull moments when he and his partner are together because he wants to make his partner happy and laugh, adding that those are “happy points” for him because other people don’t often do that.

During the “Talk or Dare” segment of the show where he was asked if it’s true that someone bullied his colleague at work and was also asked who is the person bullied his colleague at work if it’s true. Instead of answering the question, Donita chose “Dare” and did the 15-second nose-to-nose with Pooh.

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