Mark Leviste Reveals Something About Relationship with Kris Aquino

MARK LEVISTE – The vice governor of Batangas revealed something about his relationship with Queen of All Media Kris Aquino.

In an interview with Inquirer, Mark said that he and Kris are “officially” 6 months but they have been seeing each other since January 1, 2023. He added that their ups and downs haven’t been as rough as a roller-coaster ride and he values the journey just like appreciating the view from a giant ferris wheel.

To my count, we are officially six months going on seven in a relationship this November,” Mark Leviste said. “However, we’ve been seeing each other since the beginning of the year—Jan. 1, 2023, to be exact—and every month thereafter. So, we’re 10 months and counting.

Mark Leviste Says He Gets To Be Part Of Kris Aquino’s Journey To Healing

Mark Leviste: “I am able to witness a rare kind of Kris Aquino”

MARK LEVISTE – The vice governor of Batangas said that he gets to be part of Kris Aquino’s journey to healing.

According to him, he doesn’t easily give up on his dream, most especially if it’s already a dream come true. He also said that Kris is precious to him and he would do anything to hold on to their relationship.

Mark said this when he was asked an interview with Inquirer what made him hold on to his relationship with the Queen of All Media even after she said she wanted to cut off his communication a few months ago.

Mark Leviste Kris Aquino
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According to the Batangas Vice Governor, his admiration and interest in Kris Aquino is “20 years in the making”.

My admiration and interest in Kris is 20 years in the making, or may I say, waiting,” Mark said. “I’ve waited so long for this moment—to fall in love with the person I truly admire, and now that I’ve been given this chance, I will take care of her as if my own life depends on it.

He also said that he must have done something right to end up with the girl of his dreams and to be in a relationship with the one he truly loves.

Mark added that he has always had the biggest crush on Kris then and now but getting to be part of her journey to healing is what makes their timing “extra special”. According to him, he’s able to witness a “rare kind of Kris Aquino”.

In the same interview, Mark shared that he and Kris are in a “different level” and he can only hope that everything will work out for the better, adding that they’re “still together, [and] still going strong.”

He also said that Kris is more than just his girlfriend as she, her children Bimby and Josh, and her sisters have become a big part of his life and that of his own family.

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