Geologist Board Exam Result November 2023

GEOLOGIST BOARD EXAM RESULT NOVEMBER 2023 – The Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) just released the result immediately after the board exam.

PRC conducted the computer-based board exam at testing centers in Metro Manila on November 13-15, 2023. As announced165 out of 351 examinees passed the November 2023 Geologist Board Exam.

Chairperson Hon. Fernando S. Peñarroyo and members Hon. Benjamin S. Austria and Hon. Elmer B. Billedo of the PRC Board of Geology administered the board examinations.

Here is the Geologist Board Exam Result November 2023 list of passers:

Here are the top 10 passers:

Here are the top performing schools:


The board exam covered the following topics:

  • GENERAL GEOLOGY (Covering the Earth as a Planet, Structural Geology and Plate Tectonics Theory, Earth Materials, Earth Processes and Landforms, and Stratigraphy, Historical Geology, Geology of the Philippines and Asia/Southeast Asia)
  • PETROLOGY AND MINERALOGY (Covering Chemistry, Crystallography, Physical and Optical Properties of Minerals, Petrographic Techniques, Common Rock Forming Minerals (silicates and non-silicates), Igneous, Sedimentary and Metamorphic Rocks,Identification of Samples of Rocks and Minerals)
  • APPLIED GEOLOGY (Covering Geologic Resources and Geologic Application (mapping, exploration methods, geohazards, hydrogeology, environmental and engineering geology, Analytical Methods and Tools and Geology as a Profession – preparation of geologic reports), Laws and Policies Relevant to the Practice of Geology, Environmental, Engineering Geology)


Registrants are advised to register online through the official website of the Professional Regulation Commission and follow the steps in online registration.

Here are the following registration requirements: Notice of Admission (for identification purposes only); Duly accomplished Oath Form or “Panunumpa ng Propesyonal”; two pieces of passport-sized ID photos in white background and with complete name tag; two sets of documentary stamp; and one piece short brown envelope.

In addition, successful board examinees shall personally register and sign in the “Roster of Registered Professionals”.

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