Gabby Concepcion Has Something To Give To KC Concepcion

Gabby Concepcion to KC Concepcion: “This belongs to you!”

GABBY CONCEPCION – The actor has something to give to his daughter, actress and content creator KC Concepcion, to mark his birthday.

On Sunday, KC posted on her Instagram account a throwback photo of her kissing her father on the cheek. Aside from this, the actress also shared a message for her father on his birthday.

In the caption of her post, she greeted her father on his birthday and also expressed her love for him.

Gabby Concepcion KC Concepcion

KC thanked her father for putting a smile on her face, adding that she hopes she and her sisters do the same for him, all the days of his life. She also described him as father who is “sweet and handsome”.

To my sweet and handsome father, happy happy birthday to you! Thank you for putting a smile on my face, and I hope my sisters and I do the same for you, all the days of your life,” she wrote. “I love you 3x a day… and more! To a fulfilling, fun and fruitful year ahead, Papa! Happy birthday to you!

Gabby has gone sentimental after KC greeted him on his birthday.

For his part, Gabby posted on his Instagram a photo of him wearing a white cap and eyeglasses.

The actor also posted a screen-captured photo of his daughter’s birthday post for him. As seen in the photo, he told his daughter that he still has the same original pair of glasses and he would like her to have it.

I still have the same original pair of glasses. I would like you to have it. This already belongs to you,” Gabby said.

Gabby Concepcion and Sharon Cuneta got married in 1984, welcomed KC in 1985, separated in 1987, and their marriage later got annulled. KC’s parents recently reunited for a concert titled “Dear Heart”.

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