De Lima’s Lawyer Says Granting Of Bail “Immediately Executory”

DE LIMA’S LAWYER – Atty. Boni Tacardon said that the granting of bail on former senator Leila de Lima is “immediately executory”.

Tacardon said in an interview on CNN Philippines’ The Source said that they have 5 days to file motion to dismiss the last illegal drug case of former senator Leila de Lima.

According to de Lima’s lawyer, it’s reasonable to believe that the case will already be dismissed totally “in the next few months”.

Franklin Drilon Says Vitaliano Aguirre Is Liable For Perjury Over De Lima’s Case

Former senator Franklin Drilon: “There can be a basis off hand for a subornation of perjury against former Secretary of Justice Vitaliano Aguirre”

FRANKLIN DRILON – The former senator said that former Secretary of Justice Vitaliano Aguirre is liable for perjury.

In an interview on CNN Philippines’ The Source, Drilon said that the testimony of former Bureau of Corrections director Rafael Ragos saying he was forced to testify against de Lima opens Aguirre to charges of “subornation of perjury”.

Under the Revised Penal Code Article 183, a person who causes another to testify falsely is guilty of perjury.” he said. “There can be a basis off hand for a subornation of perjury against former Secretary of Justice Vitaliano Aguirre.”

Franklin Drilon

Drilon also said that the evidence is against Aguirre because of the statement of Ragos and there’s no evidence yet that former President Rodrigo Duterte directed the filing of charges against De Lima.

According to the former senator, the court exercised independent judgment in making an assessment of the evidence. He added that the bail has been granted because the evidence of guilt is not strong.

Drilon also said that President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. didn’t interfere in the grant of bail to De Lima, adding that the prosecution has finished presenting its evidence and De Lima’s lawyers can file demurrer to evidence. According to him, even if all evidence is submitted, the evidence is not sufficient to convict De Lima.

Former Senator de Lima was released from the Philippine National Police (PNP) custodial facility after posting PHP 300,000 in bail for her remaining drug case on Monday, giving her provisional liberty.

She thanked the administration of President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. for “respecting the independence of the judiciary and rule of law”.

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