Camille Prats Reveals She Underwent Minor Surgery On Her Left Foot

Camille Prats: “About a month ago, I had a minor surgery on my left foot.”

CAMILLE PRATS – The actress shared that she underwent a minor surgery on her left foot about a month ago.

The actress posted a series of photos on her social media and also opened up about the surgery. She shared that she had a ganglion cyst removed on her left foot.

Camille also said that the reason why she had it removed is because it’s been growing and bothering her whenever she wears rubber shoes for workout. According to her, it took a long time before she fully recovered after the surgery.

Camille Prats
Photos: Camille Prats / Instagram

The actress then shared that it took her a long time before she was able to return to her favorite workout.

Recovery took more than expected, doc said 10 days but the wound wasn’t healing as fast as I’d hoped,” the actress said in the caption of her social media post. “This meant no workout for a month for me.

She said that she felt frustrated because she couldn’t do the things she used to do before and she’s aware that her muscles will weaken if she doesn’t work out for a long time.

Camille went on to share that working out after a month of recovery is so hard that she almost want to stop, but she realized that she has to keep going and get over the hard part in order for her to get stronger and do it again the next day.

Aside from this, she also said that she was reminded what discipline is all about – “doing it even when you don’t feel like it”. According to her, she’s back at 121 lbs. and she’s struggling and starting all over again one day at a time.

Camille Prats and her husband VJ Yambao got married in 2017 and have two children together named Nolan and Nala. VJ Yambao has a son from his previous relationship, while Camille has a son with her late husband Anthony Linsangan.

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