Andrea Brillantes Says She Doesn’t Go To Cemetery Due To This Reason

Andrea Brillantes: “Wala akong ma-viv-isit sa cemetery kasi …”

ANDREA BRILLANTES – The Kapamilya actress recently shared the reason why she doesn’t go to the cemetery.

The actress said in an interview with ABS-CBN News that she wants to have a good rest and to spend time with her family this holiday break, especially since her mother and sister just got back to the Philippines.

Andrea was asked if she and her family join the tradition of going to the cemetery to visit their deceased loved ones.

Andrea Brillantes
Photo: Andrea Brillantes / Instagram

In response, the actress said that she doesn’t go to the cemetery because the cremated remains of her loved ones are with her in her house, adding that it was never their tradition to do so.

Kasi lahat naka-cremate at lahat nasa bahay ko sila, so wala akong ma-viv-isit sa cemetery kasi kasama ko po sila sa house,” the actress said in an interview with ABS-CBN News. “Clingy po kasi ako eh!

Andrea said this during the Shake Rattle and Ball Halloween event which she co-hosted with Tim Yap.

Meanwhile, the actress expressed her gratitude to her fans for supporting her show “Senior High” and she even shared how at peace she is with her life at the moment.

Following all the ups and downs that she experienced from her love life and personal issues, Andrea revealed that she no longer lets the noise around her bother her. She even shared that her motto in life now is “Enjoy life lang!”

Although she admitted that her motto sounds cliché, the actress said that she’s focusing on the things that actually matters to her. She added that she’s been focusing on valuing the people who truly matters to her as well.

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