Robi Domingo Says Fiancée’s Continued Recovery Inspires Him To Work Harder

Robi Domingo: “If she thinks that she gets some strength from me, for me it’s the same thing. I get strength from her.”

ROBI DOMINGO – The “It’s Your Lucky Day” host shared that his fiancée’s continued recovery and progress inspires him to work even harder every day.

It was last August when Robi’s fiancée Maiqui Pineda announced that she has Dermatomyositis – a rare autoimmune disease that causes muscle weakness, inflammation, and a skin rash.

During the launch of Dimples Romana’s new skin care line Dreamcakes last October 23, 2023, Robi said in an interview with PUSH that her fiancée is getting better and the more that she’s getting better, he gets hopeful that things are going to get better.

Robi Domingo Maiqui Pineda
Photo: Robi Domingo / Instagram

According to Robi, Maiqui gets strength from him and he gets strength from her. He added that it’s a two-way thing and “it’s going to be good” from the looks of it.

The Kapamilya host also admitted that during the time when they had not yet gone public with his fiancée’s condition, it was also the most challenging time for him every time he went in front of the camera.

Robi was noticeably emotional during his contract signing renewal last August and was also visibly holding back tears while talking to the entertainment press.

The Kapamilya host then revealed what was going through his mind during that time.

For a time, I became an actor. Even if my job demands me to host, I had to put on a mask to conceal everything kasi mabigat siya, mahirap siya eh,” Robi recalled. “And now, just looking back, those were moments na tinest yung faith ko. Pero ang maganda, kumapit pa rin ako sa kanya. I guess I’m just lucky.

With his showbiz career on the upswing this year, the Kapamilya host told PUSH that he couldn’t ask for more when it comes to his professional life.

Meanwhile, Maiqui revealed that she was diagnosed with some form of interstitial lung disease (ILD) due to her autoimmune illness. She also shared that she underwent Pulmonary Rehabilitation Program as it’s one of the main treatments for ILD, adding that the said program would help improve her lung function.

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