Rica Peralejo Says She and Husband Accused Of Using Church Funds For Their Travels

RICA PERALEJO – The celebrity mom said that she and her husband Joseph Bonifacio were accused of using church funds for their travels.

In a series of posts on Instagram Stories, she said that her husband gets nothing from their church and what they have now comes from her hard-earned money, stature, and work.

Lahat ito po ay pinapagtrabahuhan ko. At bumabyahe Iang kami ‘pag kaya ng budget KO, yung nanggagaling sa work ko: stand namin yan before pa. Na ‘pag essentials, siya sasagot. ‘Pag above that na, ako na sumasagot,” Rica Peralejo said.

Rica Peralejo Gives Update On Viral “Lilipat lang daw ng church” Video

Rica Peralejo: “She finally took the video down apparently”

RICA PERALEJO – The celebrity mom recently gave an update about the viral TikTok video with the title “Lilipat lang daw ng church”.

In a series of posts on Instagram Stories, the content creator said that the uploader of the viral video took down the said post. She added that the reason why she want the public to know that what the uploaded did was wrong.

According to her, some church leaders do wrong actions and just because they have established themselves as authority that it is not challenged by those under them. In effect, she said that followers become misled and doubt themselves even when they are right.

Rica Peralejo

On the other hand, Rica said that unbelievers lump all Christians together as “unthinking” and “unloving”. She also hopes that her speaking up “clarifies all these misconceptions and misrepresentations even just a little bit”.

In a separate post on Instagram Stories, she said that the uploader took the video down and she thinks a can of worms has been opened because of the carelessness of the uploader.

Rica also said that people are talking about the abuses from their church. The content creator added she’s thinking that maybe God allowed this because He “already wants to expose some things into the light”.

In another post, she said that this should be a lesson to all.

What we practice in secret will eventually become so much a norm to us, that one day you’d just blurt it out in the open with no shame and no conscience,” she said. “And then people will see that which you practice in the dark in broad daylight.

Rica also said that while the post was really a reflection of a bad heart, it also was a great picture for all of how believers can live in a bubble. She went on to tell the public to question everything because God is not afraid to give the proper answer.

It can be recalled that a TikTok user posted a now-deleted video where a girl said something about someone and people in the video started turning on and off their phone’s flash as if they taking a photo of someone.

In reaction to the said video, Rica described it as “Napakasama” and “Napaka ungodly”.

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