Reddit Vault — What Is This and How To Keep It Safe?

Here’s what you need to know about Reddit Vault

REDDIT VAULT – This article will teach you about Reddit Vault and also share tips on how to keep it safe.

A Reddit Vault is a digital wallet on the platform. It helps you store and manage your blockchain-based digital goods on the platform – including Reddit Collectible Avatars and Community Points.

You will be prompted to create your own Vault the first time you use a blockchain-powered feature on the platform. All you need to know is to simply follow the instructions to create it.

Reddit Vault

You will receive a public address when your Vault is created and you will need to secure it so no one will steal it from you. But how can you keep your Vault safe?

In order to secure your own Vault, you need to either manually save your recovery phrase or backup your recovery phrase to your cloud storage provider. You also need to create a new password while setting up your Vault creation.

Keep in mind that a recovery phrase is made up of 12 words listed in a particular order that works like a private key. With this, you can sign in and access your Vault and any digital goods you have stored there.

Vault Recovery Phrase

You can only access your recovery phrase from your Vault on the Reddit app on Android or iOS.

The first step is to tap on your avatar in the top right corner on the app and then tap “Vault”. From there, you need to tap the gear icon in the top right corner on the screen and then select “Recovery Phrase”.

It is important to make sure that your recovery phrase is properly backed up and securely stored. But what if your Vault is compromised? What can you do about it?

If you believed that your Reddit Vault is compromised, you will need to move your digital goods – including Collectible Avatars and Community Points – to a different blockchain address that doesn’t use the compromised recovery phrase as soon as possible.

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