Sofia Andres Looks Back On Her Experience From Past ABS-CBN Balls

Sofia Andres: “Alam mo ba, ’pag nasa ball ka, ang daming magaganda, ’di ba? So parang you get to feel so shy and a bit intimidated and reserved.”

SOFIA ANDRES – The actress recently looked back on her unforgettable experience from previous ABS-CBN or Star Magic Balls.

ABS-CBN Ball was first held in 2006 as the Star Magic Ball and the event was named after ABS-CBN’s own talent agency at that time. It’s the annual celebration and charity event evolved into the more encompassing ABS-CBN Ball in 2018 to include Kapamilya artists from other management groups.

This year’s ABS-CBN Ball will happen on Saturday, September 30, 2023.

Sofia Andres
Photo: Sofia Andres / Instagram

The actress revealed in an interview with Metro.Style that the very first time she attended the ball stands out. According to her, her insecurities were very high before and to be part of something is different.

Alam mo ba, ‘pag nasa ball ka, ang daming magaganda, ’di ba? So parang you get to feel so shy and a bit intimidated and reserved,” she said. “Now, parang, the more you get older, parang you’re more comfortable [na].

Sofia was also asked what she’s eagerly anticipating for this year’s ABS-CBN Ball. She said she considers Star Magic and ABS-CBN as her family and so she’s most excited about seeing beautiful people around with their beautiful gowns, outfits, and everything.

The actress is also receptive to the idea of meeting fresh faces and forming new friendships during the said event. According to the actress, she’s introvert but she’s open to making friends with everyone.

But when asked what she will be wearing for the upcoming event, Sofia said that she really trust her stylist Steph Aparici and she doesn’t have to worry about anything because her stylist knows her body type.

Meanwhile, the actress told that she’s working on being present for her daughter because she’s done with her project and so she has time to be with her daughter more. Sofia shared that her daughter is growing too fast and she doesn’t want to waste the time that she has left.

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