Requirements in Applying for Australian Visa to Enter Australia

Guide on the Requirements in Applying for Australian Visa

REQUIREMENTS IN APPLYING FOR AUSTRALIAN VISA – Here are the documents needed in applying for a travel visa to Australia.

Are you planning to visit Australia soon? There are a lot of beautiful places that await you in the foreign country. It is a home to both jaw-dropping structures as well as the splendid beauty of nature in different views which are truly picture-perfect.

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In Australia, you can gaze at the wonderful and spectacular formations at the Great Ocean Road or a rich wildnerness at Kakadu National Park. You might also love to see the engineering masterpiece, the Harbor Bridge, or the oldest sites at the Carlton Gardens.

Requirements in Applying for Australian Visa
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However, Australia is not one of the no visa countries. You need to apply for a travel visa to be allowed of entry to the country. Meanwhile, all the beautiful tourist destinations that await you in the country are multiple folds compared to the energy, time, and money you may spend on a visa application.

As mentioned earlier, you need a travel visa to enter Australia and there are documents that you must submit to apply for this travel document. Here are the requirements in applying for Australian Visa Application:

  • valid Philippines passport with photo, personal details, immigration stamps, issue and expiry dates
    • passport must be valid for at least three (3) months after arrival in Australia
    • in good condition
  • applicant’s photo
  • copy of valid ID
  • Police Certificate
  • travel itinerary
  • proof of financial support
    • three (3) months bank account statements
    • pay slips or employment contract
    • tax records or income tax documents
    • credit card statements
    • proof of property ownership
    • letter from employer
  • documents proving ties to the Philippines
    • employment contract or certificate
  • family register and composition form
  • letters of invitation from relatives or friends in Australia

In terms of the photo that you must prepare for the visa application, the Embassy of Australia has set specific standards. There are part of the photo requirements in applying for an Australian Visa:

  • face the camera directly
  • colored and within the last six months
  • facial expression must be neutral
  • photo’s background must be plain white or light-colored and free from shadows or reflections
  • photo size should be 45mm high x 35mm wide
  • lenses should be free from any reflections

In case you are bringing a minor with you in your trip to Australia, it is important to prepare the documentary requirements in applying for an Australian visa for the minor as there are specific documents needed. Here is a list of what you must prepare and submit to the Embassy of Australia:

  • birth certificate must include both parents’ names
  • valid IDs of both parents
  • If the child is traveling alone or with only one parent, you must present a Form 1229
  • If the child is traveling without a parent or guardian and not staying with a relative or on an organized tour, the Form 1257 – Undertaking Declaration must be submitted

For the visa application, bring your requirements to the Australian Embassy in the Philippines. On the other end of the spectrum, there are visa free countries for Filipinos 2023 that you might also love to visit.

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