Rendon Labador on TikTok Awards Philippines 2023: “May award kaya ako dito”

Rendon Labador: “May award kaya ako dito”

RENDON LABADOR – Here’s what the motivational speaker said after seeing a Facebook post from TikTok about “TikTok Awards Philippines”.

The content creator shared a screenshot of a Facebook post on Instagram Stories. As seen in the photo, TikTok announced that this year’s TikTok Awards Philippines will be on September 30, 2023 at 10:45 pm.

May award kaya ako dito? Sabihan ninyo ako para maka pag ready ako ng susuotin, thanks!” he said in his post on Instagram Stories.

Photo: Rendon Labador / Instagram Stories

It can be recalled that he announced last month that his TikTok account has been deleted as his account was permanently banned from the platform because of alleged multiple policy violations.

This year’s TikTok Awards Philippines will be streaming on September 30, 2023 at 10:45 pm (PST) via YouTube and TikTok. Users can also watch the live broadcast on the TV5 channel as well.

TikTok will be acknowledging content creators that revolutionized the phenomenon of content creation. The innovative creative expression and exceptional artistic abilities of content creators will be rewarded under these two categories: “People’s Choice Category” and “Judges’ Pick Category”.


“People’s Choice Category” is where TikTok users can vote for their favorite creators, while “Judges’ Pick Category” is where a panel of judges will select the set of winners.

  • Rising Star of the Year, Popular Creator of the Year, Celebrity Creator of the Year, Song of the Year, Livestreamer of the Year, TikTok Shop Creator of the Year and, TikTok Shop Brand Owner of the Year are under the “People’s Choice Category”.
  • Entertainment Creator of the Year, Breakthrough Entertainment Partner of the Year, News Publisher of the Year, Beauty Creator of the Year, Fashion Creator of the Year, Foodie of the Year, Educator of the Year, Gaming Creator of the Year, Sports Creator of the Year, Dance Creator of the Year, Comedy Creator of the Year, Effects House Creator of the Year, and TikTok Creator of the Year are under the “Judges’ Pick Category”.

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