Maya Personal Loan — What Are The Benefits Of This Loan?

Here are the benefits of Maya Personal Loan

MAYA PERSONAL LOAN – This article will teach you about Maya Personal Loan and the benefits of this loan.

Maya Personal Loan is a loan product offered by Maya Bank, Inc. This loan product helps you fund big life decisions with a cash loan of up to PHP 250,000 that you can pay in flexible monthly installments.

With this, your loan is sent immediately to your Maya Wallet once your application has been approved.

Maya Personal Loan — What Are The Benefits Of This Loan

Here are the benefits of this loan:

With this loan product, you can loan up to PHP 250,000 in seconds, apply for a loan with no extra paperwork, guarantor, or collateral required using your upgraded Maya account, instantly receive your approved loan in your Maya wallet, and pay your dues using your Maya wallet anytime or through auto-deduction on the due date.

Aside from this, you can also get a monthly add-on rate as low as 0.83% (effective interest rate of 1.40% per month).

Keep in mind that all applications are subject to credit evaluation. Also, exact interest rate and loan amount will be provided on the Maya app when you receive your loan offer right after submitting your application.

When and how will you receive your loan?

You will be asked to enter a One-Time PIN (OTP) to authorize the loan disbursement after confirming the details and terms of your loan. You will instantly receive your loan proceeds in your Maya Wallet once the OTP is confirmed.

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