Barbie Forteza Shares Importance Of Awards For Her As Actress

Barbie Forteza: “Para sa ‘kin po kasi, ‘yun po ang dahilan kung bakit ako nag-artista”

BARBIE FORTEZA – The “Maging Sino Ka Man” star recently shared the importance of awards for her as an actress.

The actress appeared on Tuesday’s episode of “Fast Talk with Boy Abunda” where he spoke about her career as an actress.

In an interview with talk show host Boy Abunda, Barbie Forteza shared that receiving acting awards is the reason why she’s in the showbiz industry. She also said that fame is just a “bonus”.

Barbie Forteza

The actress also said that awards will allow the person to earn respect from one’s colleagues.

Para sa ‘kin po kasi, ‘yun po ang dahilan kung bakit ako nag-artista. ‘Yung pagsikat, malaking bonus na po yun, hindi po ba? ‘Yung makilala ka,” she said. “More than that, I think yung awards kasi parang makaka-earn ka ng respect din eh from the people you work with.

She also said that one of her dreams is to work with her idols, adding that receiving awards is one way for her to introduce herself.

According to her, in order for a person to introduce oneself correctly, a person has to be able to prove one’s worth somehow – and that’s among the things that’s really pushing her to become better at her craft.

Barbie has been collecting nominations and awards from different award-giving bodies since her early days in the showbiz industry – including a Cinemalaya Best Supporting Actress award in 2014, a FAMAS award in 2010, and nominations from the Gawad Urian Awards in 2015 and 2017, among others.

It was last July when the actress won “Best Drama Actress” at the Golden Laurel Batangas Media Awards.

In the same interview, she was asked about the name of her “university” since her boyfriend Jak Roberto has “anti-silos” class at Jak Roberto University (JRU) and her on-screen partner David Licauco has David Licauco Seloso University (DLSU).

The actress said that she has Barbie Forteza University that offers “a degree Major in Self-Worth”.

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