AC Bonifacio Reveals Plans For ABS-CBN Ball 2023

AC BONIFACIO – The “Shake, Rattle, & Roll Extreme” actress revealed her plans for the upcoming ABS-CBN Ball this year.

She said in an interview with PUSH that she’s happy to not bring an escort for the event because she loves doing things just solo and loves being with herself.

I love going to the ball solo (laughs). So that’s what we’re going to do,” AC Bonifacio told PUSH in an interview. “This is my third ball na because of the pandemic, obviously. And then the prom also.

AC Bonifacio Reveals Her ‘First Official’ Boyfriend In Showbiz

AC Bonifacio: “First official so parang a learning lesson talaga.”

AC BONIFACIO – The “Shake, Rattle, & Roll Extreme” actress recently revealed who was her “first official” boyfriend in showbiz.

The actress-dancer is one of the cast members of the upcoming horror movie “Shake, Rattle, & Roll Extreme”. Other cast members include Iza Calzado, Jane De Leon, Jane Oineza, RK Bagatsing, Ninong Ry, Rob Gomez, Esnyr Ranollo, and many more.

In an interview with PUSH, AC confirmed that she and P-Pop boy group BGYO member Nate Porcalla were more than just friends.

AC Bonifacio
Photo: AC Bonifacio / Instagram

AC said in an interview with PUSH that her relationship with Nate was her “first official” relationship.

It was my first official (relationship). First official so parang a learning lesson talaga,” she said. “And like everyone said, it’s just experience. I just go through it. I learned from it, and then I go on to the next. Then I live the rest of my life.

When she was asked if she’s still in contact or with Nate, AC said, “No. When there’s work. That’s it.

The actress-dancer went on to share the valuable lessons she learned from the relationship.

According to her, she has learned a lot from that relationship and it puts her in a spot where she really has to be there for herself. She added that she has to love herself and she has been doing a lot of solo traveling and a lot of the things for herself not only on her personal life but also on her career.

I’m 20 about to be 21 and I’m taking my relationship, my bad relationship as a life lesson,” she said.

AC and Nate first met and became friends after becoming contestants on ABS-CBN’s reality dance competition show “Dance Kids Philippines” in 2016.

Netizens speculated that the actress-dancer allegedly went through a breakup with the BGYO member earlier this year, after they unfollowed each other on social media. Several women also spoke up about Nate’s questionable behavior during the time that he and AC were supposedly dating.

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