Word Of Mouth Meaning & Sentence Examples

Word Of Mouth Definition, Sentence Examples

WORD OF MOUTH MEANING – Find out what word of mouth really means. Example sentences of this idiomatic expression can also be found here.

The idiom’s origin dates back to 1533, as documented by the Oxford English Dictionary’s earliest recorded instance. It was defined as the act of verbal expression, encompassing the transmission of information between individuals through speech. In essence, it refers to what we commonly refer to as spoken communication. The phrase’s etymology can be traced to the Old English term “mop,” signifying “mouth,” thus making “word of mouth” denote communication directly spoken from one person’s mouth to another person’s ears. At its fundamental level, it represents interpersonal interaction through spoken language.

The utilization of word of mouth predominantly takes place in casual environments, leading individuals to place trust in information that originates directly from their family and friends. The success or downfall of many businesses and reputations hinges on word of mouth communication.


Word Of Mouth Meaning:

  • oral communication 
  • refers to the practice of individuals disclosing knowledge to others.
  • to willingly share information with others and volunteer knowledge on something
  • Using spoken words to communicate information
  • spoken exchanges between individuals
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Here are examples of sentences that use word of mouth:

  1. Everyone knows Leon is a bully. It spreads through word of mouth across the whole school.
  2. Most of the negative information about our company appears to come from crazy stories being spread by word of mouth in the town’s social circles.
  3. The rumor about my cousin spread rapidly by word of mouth.

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