Chie Filomeno Confirms She’s Dating Jake Cuenca

Chie Filomeno: “We’re talking. Taking our time. You can say dating, of course, yes.”

CHIE FILOMENO – The “A Very Good Girl” actress recently confirmed that she’s dating actor Jake Cuenca.

The actress is one of the stars in the upcoming film “A Very Good Girl” alongside Kathryn Bernardo, Dolly de Leon, Jake Ejercito, Angel Aquino, Kaori Oinuma, and many more.

At the sidelines of the media conference for the upcoming movie on Wednesday, the actress was asked about the real score between her and Jake.

Chie Filomeno Jake Cuenca
Photo source: PUSH

Chie confirmed in an interview that she’s dating the actor. According to the actress, the good thing about him is that he knows where her heart is, he knows her priority, he’s very gentleman, and he respects her decisions.

The actress also shared that her parents have already met him, adding that her parents are there to guide her when it comes to making decisions. She was also asked in an interview how she and Jake Cuenca clicked.

Siguro we are both misunderstood sa industry also by people around. Pero kasi magsha-shine talaga ‘yung totoong intentions mo,” she said. “May sasabihin ang mga tao, pero ikaw sa sarili mo kung alam mong you are in a good place, your heart is in a good place. Makikita ng tao ‘yan.

Chie also said that people know how kind Jake is and people also know how much he loves what he’s doing. When she was asked what she loves about the actor, she said Jake is really passionate about his craft.

The actress added that Jake loves his family very much and he’s really family-oriented, and that’s what she admires about him.

In the same interview, Chie was asked if she doesn’t have a fear that she could be a rebound given the fact that Jake just came from a failed relationship. She said she thinks Jake is mature enough not to enter into something he’s not ready for or fully committed to.

According to her, she’s really private with her relationships before and it’s the first time she has ever dated someone in the showbiz industry that went public.

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