Ronnie Liang Speaks On His “Buhay Estudyante”

Ronnie Liang: “Continuously embracing the student life”

RONNIE LIANG – The singer-actor and licensed pilot recently opened up about his “Buhay Estudyante”.

It was last March when Ronnie shared that he decided to enroll in a Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D) program in Development Administration, majoring in Security Development Administration at the Philippine Christian University.

At that time, he said that enrolling in a Ph.D program is “not just another degree but also an investment in my future” because he’s preparing for a career beyond his current profession.

Ronnie Liang
Photo: Ronnie Liang / Instagram

He also said that he’s excited about this new chapter in his life and he’s eager to see where it takes him.

The road ahead may be long and challenging, but I am ready, excited, and determined to make the most of this opportunity,” he said. “As someone who deeply values personal growth and lifelong learning, I know that this will require hard work, dedication, and sacrifice, but it will also transform me in many ways that I cannot even imagine.

According to him, he’s grateful to PCU for providing him with this opportunity to pursue his dreams and further his academic life.

He first gave an update about his student life last May, saying that he’s set to present his Dissertation Topic Proposal.

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On Tuesday, the singer-actor shared that he’s continuously embracing the student life.

“Buhay Estudyante,” he said. “Continuously embracing the student life as I pursue my Doctor of Philosophy in Development Administration Major in Security Development (Ph.D-D.A).

It was last year when he earned his Master’s Degree in Management with a Major in National Security and Administration from the said university.

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