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What Is “Delete” In Tagalog? (Answers)

DELETE IN TAGALOG – This article will teach you about the Tagalog translation of the word “delete” based on the context of the sentence.

Delete In Tagalog

There are several English words that don’t have a direct translation in Filipino, that’s why we need context in order to fully translate them.

What is “Delete”?

“Delete” is an English term that refers to a visual representation of a person, a scene, or an object as a photograph.

What is “Delete” in Tagalog?

“Delete” can be directly translated as “tanggalin” or “burahin”. The use of this word, however, may depend on the context of the sentence.

Here are some example sentences:

  1. George doesn’t want to delete his documents in his computer..
  2. Ella tells Patrick to delete that photo.
  3. Ben and Bob tried to delete those malicious documents but they failed.
  4. Ana deleted some photos in her phone so she can add new ones.
  5. Mark tells Leah not to delete that document in her computer.

In Tagalog, these sentences could be translated as:

  1. Ayaw tanggalin ni George ang kanyang mga dokumento sa kanyang computer.
  2. Sinabihan ni Ella si Patrick na burahin ang larawang iyon.
  3. Sinubukan nina Ben at Bob na tanggalin ang mga malisyosong dokumentong iyon ngunit nabigo sila.
  4. Binura ni Ana ang ilang larawan sa kanyang telepono para makapagdagdag siya ng mga bagong litrato.
  5. Sinabihan ni Mark si Leah na huwag tanggalin ang dokumentong iyon sa kanyang computer.

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