Ysabel Ortega Shares What She Likes About Miguel Tanfelix

Ysabel Ortega: “Sobrang nung time pa lang na ‘yon napahanga na ako sa kanya as an actor”

YSABEL ORTEGA – Here what the “Voltes 5: Legacy” actress said when she was asked what she likes about actor Miguel Tanfelix.

The actress is the guest in the latest episode of “Updated with Nelson Canlas” podcast where she shared something about the actor.

In an interview with Nelson Canlas, Ysabel said that one of the things that she likes about Miguel is his “work ethic”.

Ysabel Ortega Miguel Tanfelix
Photo: Miguel Tanfelix / Instagram

According to Ysabel, she likes Miguel for being helpful to their co-artists in “Voltes V: Legacy” and for also sharing wisdom with them. She also said that Miguel is “so passionate about his craft” and she looks up to him as an actor.

Sobrang nung time pa lang na ‘yon napahanga na ako sa kaniya as an actor, ‘yong professionalism niya, ‘yong work ethic niya and ‘yong dedication rin niya,” she said. “Palagi siyang nagshe-share sa amin and palagi rin siyang you know, so so passionate about his craft.

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She also said that Miguel being a gentleman and giving respect not only to her, but also to her mom and some of their other female friends is also a big factor as well.

The actress was also asked about their love language is. According to her, they show love to each other through quality time and acts of service.

Ysabel also explained about “situationship” among Gen Zs in the same interview. She shared that it’s a relationship between two people who are happy with no label, no goal, and no end goal.

However, she clarified that she doesn’t consider what she and Miguel have now as a “situationship” because the actor is really courting her and the two have goals as well.

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