Nest Egg Meaning & Sentence Examples

Nest Egg Definition, Sentence Examples

NEST EGG MEANING – Find out what nest egg really means. Example sentences of this idiomatic expression can also be found here.

The idiom pertains to the act of encouraging a hen to lay eggs by placing one in her nest. It is unclear how this behavior and savings are related, though.

The expression has been used figuratively since the 17th century, with the earliest known instance dating to 1686.


Nest Egg Meaning:

  • a sum of money set aside, especially for future use
  • making future savings
  • savings that have been laid up for future usage
  • a sum of money set aside for a significant purchase

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Here are examples of sentences that use nest egg:

  1. My granddad said I should start investing early and invest regularly in order to build a nest egg for my future.
  2. Josephine had built a sizable nest egg over the years and was ready to retire by the time she reached her forties.
  3. Dad said the stock market has given him good returns and helped him build a nest egg for his retirement.

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