Mavy Legaspi Speaks On Definition Of Love: “Love is …”

Mavy Legaspi: “Love is …”

MAVY LEGASPI – Here’s what the Kapuso actor said when he was asked to complete the sentence “Love is …”

The Kapuso actor appeared on Wednesday’s episode of “Fast Talk with Boy Abunda” where he opened up about him and actress Kyline Alcantara.

Kyline Alcantara and Mavy Legaspi are set to star in upcoming Kapuso romantic series “Luv Is: Love at First Read”. The series will premiere on Monday, June 12, 2023, before “24 Oras”.

Mavy Legaspi
Photo: Mavy Legaspi / Instagram

In the “Fast Talk” portion of the interview with Boy Abunda, Mavy admitted that he’s currently in love and he would describe the actress as “My world”. When he was asked to complete the sentence “Love is …”, he simply said “Kyline Alcantara”.

Mavy shared that he’s very protective of the actress. He even gave himself a 100 and more when he was asked to rate his protectiveness level, with 10 being the highest.

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The actor then rated himself 3 out of 10 in terms of being strict. He explained that he constantly reminded the actress of certain things about her clothing.

She’s free to wear anything she wants, but for example, mini skirt, I always just remind her na you can wear cycling shorts,” Mavy said. “She has instances where she’s a very clumsy woman, and I love that about her, but just for safety, that’s it.

To recall, the actor said in an interview on “Updated with Nelson Canlas” podcast that his feelings toward the actress are “honest and [do] not involve work”. This was in response to those who said that their relationship was only for publicity.

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