Kris Aquino Speaks On Son Bimby Flying Back To PH

Kris Aquino on her son Bimby: “As his mama [I] felt for a few months he deserves to enjoy being 16.”

KRIS AQUINO – The former actress-host recently spoke about her son, Bimby, who flew home to the Philippines early this week to be with his family.

The former actress-host posted a series of videos and photos on her social media account and also shared touching moments with her son Bimby at the airport.

In the caption of her social media post, the former actress-host said that her son Bimby left to fly home on Wednesday.

Kris Aquino
Photo: Kris Aquino / Instagram

She shared that after discussing it with Bimby, she saw the stress and anxiety her son was feeling. According to her, her son has had to grow up so fast because he needed to learn to be responsible in helping take care of her.

Kris added that her son saw her starting with 3 autoimmune diseases when they first went to the United States in 2022, until she was recently diagnosed with 5 autoimmune diseases.

As his mama [I] felt for a few months he deserves to enjoy being 16,” she said in the caption of her social media post.

With that, the former actress-host said that her son was longing to be with his uncles, aunts, friends, cousins, as well as his older brother Josh.

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Aside from this, Kris also gave an update about her health. The former actress-host shared that Tuesdays are for her “immunosuppressant or chemotherapy”.

She added that she only has until the end of June until she needs to lessen her “activities in high density places” because by then her immunity will be too weak to fight any infection.

Before she ended her social media post, Kris told her children that she loves them with her whole heart.

Mama promised she’ll go through all treatments so [I’ll] be around, God willing, while you both still need me,” she said to her children.

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