Jason Hernandez Says He’s “Technically Still Married”

Jason Hernandez: “I don’t have a girlfriend because I am technically still married”

JASON HERNANDEZ – The “Ikaw Pa Rin” singer has put an end to dating rumors circulating on social media, saying that he’s “technically still married”.

To recall, the OPM singer teased various photos of him and the mystery girl on social media. He even referred to the mystery girl as someone who saved him and made him smile again.

However, it turned out that those photos were promotional teasers for his song “Ikaw Pa Rin”. The music video of his song already has more than 826,000 video views and 12,000 likes as of this writing.

Jason Hernandez
Photo: @jasonmarvinph / Instagram

In a statement posted on Instagram Stories, Jason said that he doesn’t have a girlfriend because he’s “technically still married” to singer Moira Dela Torre. He added that he won’t have a girlfriend while his annulment has not been finalized yet.

I don’t have a girlfriend because I am technically still married, and of course, I won’t have one while my annulment has not been finalized yet,” he said in a statement.

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Aside from this, Jason also revealed the identity of the mystery girl. He identified the mystery girl as Sumaya McEvoy, who happens to be his friend from El Nido in Palawan.

The OPM singer also clarified that Sumaya is not his girlfriend. According to him, Sumaya accepted the offer to be part of the music video for his single.

Hi, for some people this has been clarified already but I want it to also come from me: the girl in the music video is not my girlfriend,” he said. “Her name is Sumaya McEvoy, a friend from El Nido who was game enough to shoot the vid.

Aside from having his friend in “Ikaw Pa Rin” music video, Jason also used video clips from his wedding with Moira in 2019.

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