Jackie Lou Blanco Speaks On Breakup With Ricky Davao

Jackie Lou Blanco: “Kung meron akong babaguhin, sana hindi kami naghiwalay ni Ricky — kung mababago ko siya”

JACKIE LOU BLANCO – The seasoned actress recently spoke about her breakup with her ex-husband Ricky Davao.

Ricky Davao and Jackie Lou, who have been married since 1989, have 3 children together — Rikki Mae, Kenneth, and Arabella — whom the seasoned actress said they still co-parent.

Jackie Lou appeared on Friday’s episode of “Fast Talk with Boy Abunda” where she admitted that she and Ricky have separated.

Jackie Lou Blanco
Screenshot from GMA Network video on YouTube

The seasoned actress admitted in an interview with Boy Abunda that she regretted many wrong things she had done in the past, adding that she also learned to forgive herself from those mistakes.

Jackie Lou was asked in an interview what one thing she wished she could change about the past.

Kung meron akong babaguhin, sana hindi kami naghiwalay ni Ricky  — kung mababago ko siya,” she said. “Only because I can see how affected my children were. Although they are very understanding, pero you know they have been affected in many ways. So sana hindi na lang para hindi sila naapektuhan in those ways.

Ricky Davao and Jackie Lou are not the best of friends, but they conveniently live two streets apart. According to her, their children can go back and forth if there are emergencies.

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In the same interview, the seasoned actress recalled how her daughter Rikki Mae came out as a member of LGBT+ community. She told Boy Abunda that she had an inkling that her daughter might be gay.

I had a feeling na kasi,” she said. “I think as parent you wanna ‘Baka naman hindi,’ pero I had a feeling.

Jackie Lou also said that she accepted it wholeheartedly when her daughter admitted that she’s gay.

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