Xander Arizala Responds After Makagwapo Challenges Him To Show Screenshot Of Their Conversation

XANDER ARIZALA – The social media personality responded to a challenge where Makagwapo told him to show a screenshot of their conversation.

To recall, content creator Christian Merck Grey (also known as Makagwapo) said in a video posted on his Facebook page that he was joking when he told Xander through phone call that he would shoulder all the expenses for the baptism of Xander’s son.

On Facebook, Xander asked Makagwapo how to screenshot their conversation if they talked through a phone call.

Xander Facebook

Makagwapo Breaks Silence After Being Accused Of Not Fulfilling His Promise To Xander Arizala

Makagwapo: “Hindi mo nga ako inimbitahan tapos gusto mo ngayon sagutin ko yung binyag ng anak mo?”

MAKAGWAPO – Content creator Christian Merck Grey broke his silence after being accused of not fulfilling his promise of giving money to social media personality Xander Arizala.

To recall, Xander Arizala recently revealed on social media that Merck is the “ninong” who allegedly failed to fulfill his promise of giving PHP 349,000 for the baptism of baby xeres Isaiah.

Merck, also known as “Makagwapo”, posted a video on CM GREY’s Facebook page where he responded to Xander’s claim.

Christian Merck Grey
Screenshot from CM GREY’s video on Facebook

He said in the video that he doesn’t care about Xander (also known as Marlou) but he wanted to clarify something about the said issue.

According to him, he was only joking when he asked Xander if he wanted him to sponsor the event. He also said that he couldn’t believe that the social media personality would take his “joke” seriously.

Kuya Merck papabinyag ako ha, ganto ganto… Syempre ‘yung parang kwentuhan bang yabangan, sinabi ko na ‘sige Marlou gusto mo sagutin ko pa binyag ng anak mo eh’ parang nagtawanan lang kami,” Merck said. “Pero wala kaming pinag-usapan, hindi ko naseryoso pala.

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Merck also revealed that he wasn’t invited to the baptism of Xander’s baby.

He added that he has a lot to say about Xander but he decided not to share it, saying that Xander is also a father and he doesn’t want to embarrass him too much on social media because he’s already embarrassed.

At the last part of the video, Makagwapo went on to give a piece of advice to Xander.

Kung wala kang pangyabang, wala kang pang ano sa anak mo, huwag mo nang ituloy,” he said. “Kaya ka kumuha dapat ng ninong para gabayan yung anak mo [at] hindi para sa pera.

Xander Arizala, for his part, posted on his Facebook page where he gave his reaction about Merck’s response to the issue.

Xander Arizala
Screenshot from Xander Arizala’s post on Facebook

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